Blackmon Warehouse Systems Offers Commercial Warehouse Space in Addition to our Transloading and Cross Docking Services at a convenient location just off Interstate 26, and 526 in Charleston, SC. Service to our customers, is our only business. Blackmon Warehouse Systems has been providing warehousing, container transloading, consolidation, palletizing, and logistics for local, national and international businesses, importers and exporters. We offer close proximity to the Charleston SC sea port, railways and interstates. Visit our site to see an aerial view of our facilities.
Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is most commonly employed when one mode cannot be used for the entire trip, such as when goods must be shipped internationally from one inland point to another. Such a trip might require transport by truck to an airport, then by airplane overseas, and then by another truck to its destination; or it might involve bulk material (such as coal) loaded to rail at the mine and then transferred to a ship at a port. Since transfer requires handling of the goods, it causes expense and risk of damage. Therefore, transloading facilities are designed with the intent of minimizing handling. Due to differing capacities of the different modes, the facilities typically require some storage facility, such as warehouses or rail yards. Transloading can occur at any place. A truck can pull up to another truck or a train, and translating may be accomplished by no more elaborate means than teamsters and stevedores. In the interests of speed and efficiency, however, a variety of specialized equipment is used to handle the goods. Thus, intermodal facilities have specialized cranes for handling the containers, and coal piers have car dumpers, loaders, conveyors, and other equipment for unloading and loading railroad cars and ships quickly and with a minimum of personnel. –

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